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Almost a full freezer now!

Well another month closer to living on my farm full time!  The harvest continued this month in that we brought Ham and Chewy to the butcher.  I do not know what their live weights was but hanging weight (weight after being gutted and blood drained was 210 and 226).  Figuring that hanging weight is about 72% of live weight that put them both close to 300 lbs live weight.  Not bad growth for 8 months or so.  While we did not put the packaged meat on a scale that probably put us close to 300 lbs of finished pork.  The break down ended up:
46 1/2 packages ground
4 packs spare ribs
4 packs pork steak
8 pork shoulder roast
12 pagages country style ribs
23 packages of 4 chops 1 2-pack (big chops!)
4 pork ham hocks
12 hams
8 ham slices
21 packages of bacon and 5 pork bellies.

That is a lot of pork!!  We did end up trading some of it with my sister in law.  Roxie and Charlie had just purchased a ¼ beef but they are not big steak eaters, they mostly prefer the hamburger meat so we traded them port for bee…