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Busy Busy Busy and Merry Christmas!

Well, have not posted in a few weeks now, work has been pretty busy with some long days.  I enjoy the challenges of this job and get to make more of an impact on things then I ever thought I would but find myself more and more frustrated with the bureaucracy and more and more ready to get out.  Every morning when Terri and I go for our walk before work all I can talk about is the Homestead and things I would like to do.  I am leaning more and more towards not even putting in my packet this year for promotion, I really do not know what I would do if I was selected. Unfortunately I have not been able to do much research over the last couple of weeks so not much to talk about this week as to what exactly I will do or what I am planning but instead will talk about some hopes and goals as well as things we are looking forward to trying. Terri has always talked about salted hams, rather then the precooked sugar hams which is really all you can find these days.  Being in a Muslim country