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Well house is on the Market! Another Wood Turning Sale in the books!

Well a couple of weeks go we put the house in Colorado on the market, we have had some lookers so far but no offers yet!  I am sure we will get something soon however! We just had the roof on it replace after some hail damage during the latter part of the summer, it took this long just to be able to schedule the roofer, there was just that much damage in the springs this year.  Unfortunately they did not get the new gutters on before the snow hit this weekend so that will be delayed a few days at least. Held my second pen sale this past week at the Embassy, was not quite as strong as the one during the spring but still sold about 20 pens total and had a couple pre-orders for premium shaving hits so all in all a sucessfull sale.  If it is like last sale I will probably generate another 10 sales from it over the next month with follow ons. Other then that Terri goes back to Mn for a week after Thanksgiving and will try to get some of the work done on the floor in our living area