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Been a busy month!!

Well the last three weeks have been a roller coaster!  I had to make a no notice trip to Germany that took me out of town for a week, I had to  move my leave up a week and shorten for a week due to a some work requirements, I have been approved to host a booth for my wood working/pen making at the Embassy, we accepted a cash offer on the house in Texas and Chris has been here visiting! The leave change is one of the biggest frustrations because I had already purchased tickets to New Orleans and of course now I will miss that time frame and they are non-refundable tickets!  Not to mention with only three weeks in the states rather then four when it was already planned to be a working vacation will not leave much time to reschedule not to mention the price of the tickets have doubled! So does not look like I will be able to make it to Louisiana this trip.  On the flip side if any of the family or friends in Louisiana want to come up to Minnesota and see what we are up to and what our p

One step closer!

Well, we are getting closer and closer!  Today the house in Texas went back up for sale after a bunch of repairs.  My last property manager (Bill Dunker with Nita Selby Properties) really sucked, there was damage to the house from the last renters he did not tell me about or charge them for and when I sent him the pics he sent me showing the damage I was basically ignored so anyone in Corpus Christi selling or renting a house I would really recommend against using him!  After all is said and done cost me a few grand to get it properly ready to be sold.  So once that sells that is one step closer to retirement! Today I ordered about 150 trees and hedges for the retirement property, mostly different fruit and nut trees but also got some maple and willow trees.  About a three thousand dollar investment but it did make me pretty excited and just makes it all seem closer, we should be back in Mn in about 6 weeks to start the planting of them, have a pretty good idea in my head how I want