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The Wood Turning Continues

Well, I have not been on here as much lately, this is in large part due to the arrival of my mini wood turning lathe.  Over the past two weeks I have been busy learning how and then turning pens on it.  So far I have produced about 30 pens which give me a pretty good starting stock in my new Etsy store.  This is a good spot for a plug for me shop! Right now it is pretty much only pens, however tomorrow my desk top band saw comes in that gives me a lot more options.  A couple weeks ago I came across two 3-4 foot long 4 inch wide olive wood logs.  Olive wood has such a beautiful heart wood grain.While I am in Jordan Olive wood from the Holy Land is what I want to work with most as I am pretty sure it will not be available in Minnesota!!  I am hoping to be able to turn a goblet or two and a couple bowls from these logs as well as a couple of handles for two of my carving tools. I am happy to have come up with this now before our trip in Ap