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August 2017 homestead update

Bees busy finishing of the comb in the second box Well, I have kind of fallen behind on this month’s blog, already the 10 th !  While the homestead/farm is progressing along nicely it is a little harder for me to write about it as I have not been back there this month, not scheduled to be back there until the first week in Sept.  The one good thing is I do get a lot of pictures so in many ways it is like I am there. Our keets (baby guinea fowl) are growing quickly and have already proven to be escape artists.  Terri and Lexi finished getting their new home put together and some poultry netting put up above their run.  One big difference between Guinea fowl and Chickens is Guinea fly!  At 5 weeks old they can already take flight.  We could have clipped their wings but I would prefer not doing that if possible.  Guinea have this strong flock instinct also that chickens do not seem to have.  12 of them survived out of the 15 we ordered, (not bad for mail order