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We Have Kinders!!

We have Kinders! A little more than two weeks ago I took off my Army uniform for the last time, loaded into a car and headed back to Mn for the last trip of my military career.    The ride home was an adventure in itself to say the least.   First, we stopped at the Double B Café in Beloit, Wisconsin, this is a small farm café, that is owned by Ms Barbara Beeler, whom we will be purchasing a cow/calf pair of belted Galloway from.   Since it was a Friday during lent Terri had an omelet and I had blue berry pancakes for a late lunch.   They were delicious!   We also tried their “duck butt” blue berry muffins, it is basically a blue berry muffin made with duck eggs.   I am starting to see what the big deal is about duck eggs in baking, they were delicious and very moist!   We also got to see Candy and Evie, our cow/calf pair.   Evie is a little fire ball! I cannot wait for them to get here!   After that, we headed about an hour and a half north east of there, to pick up three addit