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Feb update!

Well not too much has went on since the last posting other then lots of reading and studying for the homestead.  The house in Colorado is still pending a sale, should close in the next couple weeks with any luck!  We are currently planning the next trip back to the states in May.  I will be there for about a month but Terri is most likely going to stay.  We will plan on bringing the dogs back during that trip, it is best to travel with them before it gets too hot.  Will be lonely here with out Terri, Soju and China but it will only be about 4 months before my next scheduled trip back in October (for a wedding and hunting season!).   It will be a busy time for those thirty days or so, hoping to get the chickens started, will order them to come in within the first few days after getting back, they will be day olds.  I will try to get them as soon as possible so I will be there for most of the work getting them started before handing them off to Terri.  LOL she is not quite feeling the