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April Update to The Bar 1 Homestead

Another month down and one month closer to getting the homestead started!  We still do not know when we are leaving Jordan yet, still waiting on orders, and a definite location for that matter!  Still thinking I will be somewhere in the DC area but not sure exactly where!  We have started to lock a couple things down for the homestead. We ordered the bee hives and they have arrived at the house!  Two Warre hives is what we decided on.  I have not locked in the bees yet which is starting to concern me the later it gets but I cannot do that without knowing exactly when I will be back home to receive them and get them settled in!  Hopefully we get orders this week and I can contact my gaining unit to get some things locked in so I can order the bees.  We have also locked in our two feeder pigs for this year.   We are purchasing them from the Haffner Family Farms in Eagle Bend Mn.  They are running a farm similar to what I would possibly like to see ours doing some day.  Becky has bee