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Merry Christmas

First of all let us wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!!!  This week and month has been a roller coaster in many ways.  Spent most of last weekend working with headquarters to get the kids here for their school leave for the holidays. We finally got them here last Sunday.  Was a very busy week at work, just so much going on in country along with the normal business of the holidays and VIP Visitors.  We had the Army Chief of Staff and Sergeant Major of the Army visit this past week,  It is really nice having the kids back for the holidays this year.  We are really looking forward to being able to celebrate Christmas once we get to Mn, it has been so long since we have had a big Christmas.  Here is our version of the family Christmas picture, yes, everyone is still in PJs!! We had an offer on the house in Colorado a couple weeks ago, after some going back and forth we came to an agreement, not for as much as we would have liked but it was something we could live with, then this w