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March Update, looks like we will be back in May!!

Well quite a bit going on since the last posting!  Looks like we will be heading back to the states a little earlier than planned.  It was planned Terri would go back in May anyway to start setting up the household, not it looks like I will be heading back to Washington DC in May as well to finish up my time in the Army, I need to get a little medical work done and none better then Walter Reed!  The other benefit with being in Washington DC is it make the possibly of long weekend trips to the farm possible.  That along with Alexis volunteering to work on the farm this summer in exchange for a little cash it means there is a few projects we will be able to start this year rather than waiting until next! Turns out we will likely be able to get the bees going this year after all. However, that is still possibly on hold depending on what day I need to be DC.  Just all depends on how the scheduling works out.  The company we are looking at for bees have two dates open in May for delive