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A little more then a month to closing on the house!

Well, been a while since the last post, so will try to get caught up!  I have been laid up with a pretty bad case of gout the past month so my mobility has been pretty limited, means I have not got much pen turning done lately!  But that is ok, I am sitting on a pretty good stock of inventory right now! This past week we got an email from our property manager in Colorado letting us know a couple weeks ago a major hail storm came through Colorado Springs causing some roof damage to the house there.  We had just got the insurance appraisal back, it will need a new roof and then BAM, another hail storm causing even more damage!  Just happy we had not had it fixed yet, or we would have to have paid the deductible twice!  That is an expense we do not need while waiting to close on the house in Mn.  The renters in the house in Colorado Springs are moving out in Mid Nov so we will be putting that house up for sale in the Sept time frame, about the same time we are schedule to close on