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Post July 4th Update, homestead moving right along!!

Well a little behind on this months post!  Spent the 4th of July weekend back on the farm as much as possible. Granted I did lose a day due to the following in order, bomb threat outside the airport pushed the flight back, in the time we were delayed bad weather snuck in between DC and Chicago meaning the plane had to take a route to the south, a route that the plane did not have enough gas for, so back to the gate for an hour to add more fuel. once we finally did take off the leg to Chicago was now three hours rather then 2, so ended up in Chicago 3.5 hours later, my plane to fargo actually landed in Fargo before I landed in Chicago.  But we are not done yet, do to the holiday weekend, all three United flights to Fargo for Saturday where booked, so they transferred me to American to fly in to the Minn/St Paul early Saturday morning, so meant I slept at the USO in the airport.  An hour before that flight was to take off it was also canceled, stranding me in Chicago until late that nigh