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We have officially started homesteading, animals have arrived!

Well as usual I am a little behind the power curb as far as getting the blog out before we are too far behind!  We got back to the states on the 4 th by flying into Chicago where Terri’s mom and aunt was there to pick up us and the dogs, from there we basically drove through the night in order to get to the homestead as soon as possible.  Once we got there were really have not stopped!  Since we were scheduled to get the pigs in the next week or so and I only had a few days before I needed to sign in to Washington DC one of the top priorities for me was to get the electric fencing up and do some fence repairs for the “training area” for the pigs.  A training area is where you teach the pigs to the electric wire, it is a relatively small area with electric wire run around two or three of the sides with a hard fence to back up the electric wire so that the pigs relate the wire with both an unpleasant shock and a physical barrier to the point where they do not challenge it anymore.   I