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Dec update- Bees, Predators, and Oreo cows!

Well, while I have only been home for the Thanksgiving weekend since my last blog entry there is still a lot to write about this month!  Over the Thanksgiving weekend we had a little bit of a warm snap bringing the temps up to the low 40’s, just high enough for the Bees to show me that I was worried for nothing.  When it gets warm enough Bees will break their ball they use to keep warm and take a “cleansing” flight, in order words, go and use the bath room!  Basically, when I went to check on the hives for Thanksgiving, they bees were out and about!  Made me pretty happy to see that they made it through that first cold snap. The bees going out for a cleansing flight over Thanksgiving It has not all been good news however since the last postings, we have been having an issue with predators, we lost one guinea to what we think was a coyote in broad day light, but our biggest losses have been from another night time predator, a great horned owl.  One night the guinea fowl de